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Complaint to author posted 04 December 2009 in General DiscusssionComplaint to author by Athjeari, Peralogue

If you did this for only 6 hours than you wouldn't have even gotten to the beginning(or end if you will) of the proposition.

You need to do this for 7 hours (or days)

The Logos is without beginning or end

1 hr. for the entire proposition + 1 hour without "end" + 1 hour without "or" + 1 hour without "beginning" + 1 hour without "without" + 1 hour without "is" + 1 hour without "Logos"

Obviously you didn't complete this long enough to be able to see/experience Legion.
And what makes you think it would work to substitute hours for days?
If one were to keep a meditated trance for 7 days, I would almost guarantee that the person would experience something. (Not to mention that you would be 7 days without food).
My problem with it is that I don't believe a person would be able to stay up for 7 straight days in a meditated trance. The most I've ever stayed up in one sitting has been about 41 hours straight and I was sooo freaking exhausted. Although I wasn't able to fall asleep as easily as I thought when I tried to go to bed (oddly enough I couldn't stop my thought processes, they were on overdrive). view post


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