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About the Dunyain... posted 04 December 2009 in The Thousandfold ThoughtAbout the Dunyain... by Athjeari, Peralogue

But we have to assume that the Dunyain would know that similar experiences would bombard Kellhus as soon as he left Ishual. If Moenghus left and learned sorcery, why wouldn't Kellhus? The Pragma would have realized this too. By sending Kellhus they would be moving away from their goal of the Absolute because they wouldn't be self moving souls. Moenghus would be acting upon them. By sending Kellhus, the Pragma must have ulterior motives.

I believe the Dunyain know and have more control over what is going on than we know. Kellhus is merely an instrument of the Dunyain in order for the Dunyain to become closer to obtaining the absolute. It also becomes nearly impossible to speculate, accurately, without knowing more of the Dunyain way of life, especially their power structure or organization. view post


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