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I am a devout follower of Kellhus posted 04 December 2009 in The Judging EyeI am a devout follower of Kellhus by Athjeari, Peralogue

Thorsten, you propose an interesting perspective on Dunyain.
Keep in mind that Kellhus has no interest in feeling at all. He cares not for feeling good about anything, he is simply trying to maximize his efficiency like you said, but by doing so he is simply trying to further attain the Absolute.
I've always thought this a funny concept within the Dunyain; they are bound by the same problems that they see within world born men yet they don't recognize it. The Dunyain are as troubled with tradition and cultural stamps as any other type of person in Earwa This is seen by their rejection of Sorcery. How much closer could the Dunyain be to obtaining the Absolute if they would have recognized Sorcery from the beginning of their isolation?
Kellhus recognizes at the end of TTT that his entire path has been conditioned by Moenghus, hence he realizes that he has simply been a product of circumstance. I still think it is Kellhus' mission/goal to obtain the Absolute. view post


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