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I am a devout follower of Kellhus posted 04 December 2009 in The Judging EyeI am a devout follower of Kellhus by Athjeari, Peralogue

Kellhus does recognize his emotions, you see this at the beginning of TDTCB at the beginning, and when he watches Cnaiur rape Serwe.
Something tugs at him, and this is made known to the reader. Also, don't forget about when he confronts Aurang through Esmi. Kellhus is overwhelmed by emotion for just a few moments.
When Kellhus says that he is something more I don't think it is in regards to emotions, rather Kellhus has been enlightened by the concepts of the Gods and the Outside through sorcery. The Dunyain do not fundamentally believe in Gods or Sorcery (although you could liken Logos to their God, which I think was Bakker's intent). Also, keep in mind that Moenghus was trying to dominate circumstance during the meeting and one path that he tried was trying to revert Kellhus to his previous mission and way of life back at Ishual.
Moenghus believed that a Dunyain would see the issue from his perspective and hoped to dominate Kellhus at that moment by making him see the issue from his perspective. It obviously didn't work. view post


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