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I am a devout follower of Kellhus posted 23 November 2009 in The Judging EyeI am a devout follower of Kellhus by Callan S., Auditor

Well, I think there are indicators of an emotional impetus inside him, though the indicators are small and the impetus fragmentary. I think it's almost a flaw of the books that Kellhus shows irrational emotion to a tiny degree (which is obviously dwarfed by his very logical execution of it) but the book does not examine it, perhaps trying to act as if it's not there. Given that he becomes the darkness that comes before for most (all?) of the other characters, he still isn't given any author aided character examination (you can obviously look at events and speculate, but Scott isn't in there with you at any point, helping out and speculating with you)

Take when he kills his father - IIRC before he knifes his father, he says 'I am more' (in responce to his fathers words 'You are Dunyain' - and excuse my own spelling here). That doesn't seem terribly efficient at the material level. But at some level of principles perhaps it was - but what principles? What do we see of them?

In a way I think Kelhus may be even more blind to his own emotions than world born men. World born men know they lust and laugh and greed. They can atleast see these things to some degree. But by banishing such emotions, has Kelhus simply left himself with the emotions he can't see? That none can see? The whole thing about vulgar emotions is that they may equal unseen emotions in strength - and are thus leverage against the unseen. And the dunyain have given up that leverage.

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