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This is a bit off topic... posted 14 October 2009 in The Judging EyeThis is a bit off topic... by anor277, Didact

@Athjeari, it seems I was mistaken. I think the passage you want is in Chapter 17 of The Warrior Prophet (Orbit paperback, 2008, chapter begins p 445, relevant passage is p 457,........"Are you saying the Tusk lies?"................). It was Proyas' reminiscence and not Achamian's. At the time Achamian was in the hands of the Scarlet Schoolmen, and Proyas has just received a message from Maithanet advising him to assist Drusas Achamian.

@PON I'm still trying to write something in response to your Cormac McCarthy thread, everything I write is naive or self-evident or both! view post


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