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Incariol, what does it mean? posted 28 September 2009 in The Judging EyeIncariol, what does it mean? by Madness, Peralogue

I wish I retained the time and energy you all do to decipher Cu'jara Cinmoi's epic. I devoted much time to these endeavors when I first realized that The Prince of Nothing wasn't the complete work but since have moved on to just appreciating the works as they come. The human commentary is literally endless. My respect for Mr. Bakker's mind is endless.

Perhaps, this will be my slow return to posting on these boards. We shall see. I'm nearly always incited to write when reading the conceit with which most of you post your "answers."

Two things to add to your commentary:

Though I doubt that Cleric himself is one, remember that Aurang admitted that the Consult created Nonmen skin-spies. As well, there is almost certainly a skin-spy among the Skin Eaters. Though, I personally disagree that it is Sarl as I doubt a skin-spy's persona would have been reduced to Sarl's state as they near the exit of Cil-Aujas.

Secondly, again, I remember when The Thousandfold Thought was yet to be released and it was definitively a controversy whether Mallahet was indeed Moenghus. I think it wise to adjust your perspectives and realize that though it is an amusing exercise in cognition to try and anticipate Cu'jara Cinmoi, it is extremely doubtful, and conceited of you, to think that you have done so. view post


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