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Incariol, what does it mean? posted 02 September 2009 in The Judging EyeIncariol, what does it mean? by Jerako, Candidate

Quote: "Supersword":2igzo4sx
First off, in figuring out the syllables between Nonman words, so far as I can tell is that the only difference between Nonman speech patterns and Human speech patterns would be caused by the fused teeth of the former. Otherwise, they still speak via sound vibrations, which leads me to believe that their syllables would constitute much the same length and shape as Humans'. Therefore, it is my belief that the original thought on in-ca-riol or inc-a-riol present more accurate samples.[/quote:2igzo4sx]

Yes, their physical organs for speaking would be very similar, but even within a single species, there are many different cultural modes of thought, and they're expressed quite differently. As has been stated before, Ihrimsu appears to be an inflective language. In grammar, inflection or inflexion is the way language handles grammatical relations and relational categories such as tense, mood, voice, aspect (conjugation only), person, number (conjugation and declension), gender, case (declension only). Many words, such as prepositions, are eliminated, because the language handles that a different way. So it can't be translated with 100% efficiency, and assumptions based on our native tongue about it might not be accurate.

Scott is obviously a student of archaic languages, I wouldn't be surprised if Ihrimsu has much grammar that has been influenced by early Indo-European languages, such as Latin or Ancient Greek. I wouldn't be surprised if a study of those languages would reveal some clues about Ihrimsu. view post


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