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Any up coming Novels with entirety Of THe Apocalypse? posted 30 August 2009 in Author Q & AAny up coming Novels with entirety Of THe Apocalypse? by Supersword, Commoner

I believe that the Ark travelled much the same way as one would assume a ship would. Not necessarily a space ship, but certainly it "travelled the wastes" so to speak. Bakker describes its descent in much the same way as imagery is detailed in Revelations (I find quite a bit of similarity between the Prince of Nothing and Christianity, among other things). The Ark, "vast and golden, toppled from the void, scorching the horizon, throwing up a ring of mountains with the violence of its descent." (Bakker 427) Much of what the Inchoroi and the Consult do seems steeped in Chaos, so toppling makes sense. "Scorching the horizon" does not speak of "controlled landing", and the "ring of mountains" is quite obviously the crater it made upon impact. Considering the meshing of sorcerery and science in this world of his, Bakker will likely explain rather satisfactorily about how the Ark came to be. Seems likely to be in the last book of the Ordeal via Consult or via Seswatha's dreams.

Also, to satisfy my own desire to discuss similarities, I do not see the Heron Spear as a 'gun'. In a world of magic, a gun would seem hardly necessary (though the mental image of Sarl with an MG42 and Lord Kosoter with a .45 Revolver fighting Sranc is rather amusing). No, my brain perked at the similarities between the Heron Spear and the Spear of Destiny, for lack of a better name. Something like the Holy Grail or the Spear that killed Christ. Also, this may just be idle mental wanderings, but the similarities between Kellhus and Jesus are somewhat uncanny. The white robes, the beard and the sloping halo are what did it for me. Stereotypical imagery, I know, but uncanny nonetheless.

A last point on the impending backstory. Bakker has been rather good at giving enough information so we don't remain confused (after the first few chapters of "The Darkness That Comes Before", of course) but not enough so we say "Well, that's that, next series!" I'm confident that he'll provide enough closure on the backstory of the First Apocalypse. Besides, these books are not written with the intention of simple, linear plot. I've gotten more thought out of these books than most others I've read. It's certainly less annoying than some of Plato's writings on Socrates!

Bakker, R. Scott. "The Aspect-Emperor Book One: The Judging Eye." Toronto, Canada: Pengiun Canada, 2009. view post


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