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*Spoilers* Traveller's identity posted 21 July 2009 in The Judging Eye*Spoilers* Traveller's identity by Jerako, Candidate

I am very convinced that Kellhus has something to do with sending Akka to Ishual, per events that led to Kellhus being sent from there in the first place.

1. A band of Sranc discovers Ishual. Moenghus is sent to investigate the extent of the exposure. Upon his return, he is exiled.

2. Moenghus, after some time in the world, discovers a threat he is unable to confront alone. He sends for his son, Kellhus, to aid him.

3. Kellhus has encountered events which may be overwhelming him. With the lack of a Kellhus POV, it's hard to say how much he knows about this White-Luck business. If he does, which is likely, he might want help from another Dunyain. In all likelihood I think any Dunyain who knew Kellhus are dead, since Moenghus 'contaminated' them with all the Dunyain he knew, the Dunyain may have foreseen that Kellhus in the future might do the same, and killed any who knew HIM before he has a chance to do so. Thus, another way, proven to succeed, to get another Dunyain out of Ishual is to 'expose' them.

In my opinion, this is Kellhus' immediate goal from the Dunyain. Akka would be the best candidate for discovering Ishual, barring another 'accidental' exposure by the Sranc. view post


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