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History posted 07 June 2009 in Writing TipsHistory by Ilyich, Commoner

I take the time to develop the world in my head. I usually end up writing down all of the details, and then theres all of the more micro details. The latter are more difficult for me to think of, since initially when I think of a fictional world, I categorize everything (so this is here, and its called this), but in reality its colourless and doesn't really possess, "flavour".

So filling in history, customs, etc, really helps breathe life into that world. Over time I've learned its best to really thoroughly go over the world and put a lot of thought into each of its parts, rather than just assigning generic models to each (these will be the vicious people, these will be the nice people, these will be the guys who like horses and resemble norse, these will be the courageous people who resemble medieval Britian, etc). I find this was the failing of many of my earlier stories, since to myself they didn't even seem to possess any meaning or life.

Using history is definitely good for gaining inspiration, but really make it yours and not just a rehash.

Then of course that world will probably undergo many revisions as you develop the story, but thats expected view post


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