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PoN/AE inspired art? posted 07 June 2009 in Off-Topic DiscussionPoN/AE inspired art? by Ilyich, Commoner

Does anyone have any artwork inspired by the Prince of Nothing trilogy or the new book The Judging Eye which they would like to share? Post it here!

Right now I'm doing some sketches of Incariol (which suck), and later I'm going to use these to make a model with Maya. So I've spent a few hours trying to think of what Nonman armour would look like... since descriptions in The Darkness that Comes Before and The Judging Eye haven't been specific (Mekeretrig=heavy armor, Incariol="he stands planked in silvery armour, plates skirted in impossibly fine chain, his greatsword swinging from his left hip") I'm guessing its more likely that Incariol is wearing more traditional Nonman armour). At the moment I'm looking at a bunch of pictures of plate armor, and I'm thinking of ways to alter them which will make look better and more like something a Nonmen Ishroi would wear (and to fit in more with the image which appears in my head when I read the description of Incariol's armor). view post


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