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*Spoilers* Favourite new character. posted 05 June 2009 in The Judging Eye*Spoilers* Favourite new character. by Ilyich, Commoner

Nah, like others have already pointed out, he didn't have the cloak of faces, and Mekeretrig used a broad sword, whereas Incariol used a great sword; thats not to suggest Nonmen are incapable of being open to variety, but it just doesn't seem like an inconsistency I would read in this series. Theres also differences in the way they act. This is just speculation however, but I would define Incariol as being the opposite of Mekeretrig. Incariol can't think humans are AS bad as Sranc if he's still hanging around with them. Mekeretrig on the other hand tries to alleviate the madness/remember by submerging himself in the violent/sadistic/disturbing activities of the Sranc.

Incariol is definitely my new favourite character. I find myself wondering, could he defeat Kellhus? I know, Kellhus has pwnz0r cants he devised himself, plus he is physically/mentally superior to men in all respects, but I remember reading one part where Incariol used cants of the Quya (if thats what its called) to augment his martial combat. Kellhus might have a few things which Mandate Schoolmen can't discover/fathom themselves, but it would seem that Incariol knows powerful cants known only to Nonmen magi.

Incariol also seems to have a deeply ingrained sense of morals, which from what I've read is rare to find in an erratic. I only get that feeling because of how he went to the utmost lengths to protect the lives of his companions in Cil-aujas. Unlike some other erratics who invest themselves in wholesale destruction and sadistic violence/slaughter, he represents all the noble aspects which have faded from most of the remnants of his race (maybe he, "remembers" by protecting instead of destroying?) This really sets him apart from Kellhus, who in the same situation I don't doubt would have used the Skin Eaters to ensure his own escape (especially since he is now vulnerable to chorae). If Kellhus had been in Cleric's shoes, and got the feeling he was in danger and the battle wasn't going their way (which it definitely wasn't) he would have teleported away immediately.

Where Kellhus just turns people into tools, Incariol seems to be the hero people thought and hoped Kellhus was initially going to be; thats saying a lot for a Nonman erratic.

Also, he referred to the Nonman king as cousin; might that have made him an Ishroi prince of Cil-Aujas at one point? He seems to fit the title of, "prince of nothing," but in a different way than Kellhus does.

Anyway, the book was great, and Incariol is amazing as well as a mystery.

Note: I really wonder who that stranger was who went to see Kosoter at the beginning of the book? view post


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