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A P&P RPG for would you do it? posted 30 May 2009 in General DiscusssionA P&P RPG for would you do it? by Kellais, Commoner

I am an enthusiastic roleplayer and i think the world of Earwa would be an interesting place to set a game in (obivously, as it was an rpg setting for Scott's own sessions in the beginning).

So how would you do it? More precisely: what rules would you use (systems you think would fit)? Would you allow players to be sorcerers, nonman? In which time-period of Earwa would you set your game in?

Feel free to talk about everything that comes to your mind in regards to a PoN RPG.

Atm i think i would give the rules from Greg Stolze's Reign (ORE) a try for this. The players i would restrict to humans, no nonmen. A sorcerer is very powerful, so i'm not sure if it would be a good idea to allow players to take on that role. If at all, i think the player would have to be a mandate-schoolman...that generates interesting plot-hooks (Seswatha and the dreams). As for the time-period...i think setting it right before the events of PoN would be interesting. Or in the time-span between PoN and AE. A game during the first apocalypse would also be intriguing but we do not have a lot of information on it, so the GM would have to fill a lot of holes by himself. view post


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