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Countering the Argument posted 30 May 2009 in NeuropathCountering the Argument by sciborg3, Commoner

Excellent. I also wonder how unpleasant a truth the Argument would be - it would seem to me how much regret you bore on your shoulders would decide that. Some people I know would love to believe they didn't have to take responsibility for things they have done in certain situations. Others feel like their achievements don't mean as much if they're work was an illusion or predetermined.

Others feel the deterministic structure is consistent with God's plan, and thus see the brain's cause and effect as the means in which His/Her/Its/Their will(s) manifest(s). Also as you (and Eistein) state, there is no deterministic movement across time, there is no past/present/future.

Really I'm not even convinced it makes things less meaningful as under the Argument words, love, art are just fabrications of a causal chain unfolding since the Big Bang. But that means meaning is something we as a species has created, a bottom up meaning rather than a top down meaning from the Forms or God or what have you. We may be characters in a story we can't change, but we can appreciate the story we've been written into.

It would be a Sisyphean existence, to be sure, but it would still have meaning. In fact, given that the meaning comes from us rather than some apprehension of external MEANING, it might be *more* meaningful. Depends on how you look at it, and of course trying to decide which form of meaning is *more* is like asking what is worse - slavery or the Holocaust, rape or murder, etc... view post


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