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Sarl posted 25 May 2009 in The Judging EyeSarl by anor277, Didact

Quote: "Firestorm896":145hl1r2
It was the . . . Magi Nonmen who fought the Inchori, right? Banned their "magic"? And aren't skin spies .. . a magic of the Inchori? So one would think that Cleric would be able to determine if Sarl was a skin spy .. .[/quote:145hl1r2]
As far as we know, all of the Non-Men fought the Inchoroi (save the renegade practitioners of "Aporetic" sorcery - who might have taught a few Inchoroi how to conjure). The skin spies are specifically non-magical artefacts, produced by Inchoroi technology; a Non-Man thus has no special ability to detect them. Somewhere in TTT Aurang mentioned that they had placed agents (i.e. skinspies) in Ishterebinth, the last inhabited Non-Man mansion.

ETA: On topic, I don't see any reason to suppose that Sarl is a skin-spy. view post


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