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I don't understand how the word 'will' is being used posted 18 May 2009 in NeuropathI don't understand how the word 'will' is being used by Callan S., Auditor

Quote: "Thorsten":1nlkryyk
He starts with the assumption that what he does works in establishing truth, then applies vastly different standards in judging evidence which confirms what he thinks is true as compared to evidence that contradicts what he thinks is true, and as a result he gets out what he puts in.[/quote:1nlkryyk]
What did he say as being true?

I can't really remember him saying anything to be true - sure, lots of hinting as to stuff like hell houses being bad for children, or maybe stuff like saying the solid part of an atom is like a fly in a football field. Perhaps darwininsm? But your probably not refering to that stuff?

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