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Consensus so far? posted 12 May 2009 in The Judging EyeConsensus so far? by coobek, Candidate

I think the book is as good as any other in previous trilogy and Scott kept the level which is amazing. This is in no compariosn to any Feast of Crows or whatever. These are THE books. Nothing better since Tolkien and Black Company from anglosaxon writers.

Any way I of course concur that it is the Slog that made the book but also the twisted Kelmomas, although I hate him, made it worthy.

In future I would like to finally see some Consult or more specific Inchoroi action! Not nescessary more Dunyan.

I want to see Gods walk the earth, demons following blind wizards who overdose drugs, Lord Kosoter and Incariol they identity revieled, Apropos sorcery, Achamian pilgrimage to Sauglish, Maithanet vs Kelmomas and Esmenet between, Wracu and hordes of Sranc and Kelhus in a duel with Cleric!

And most of all I want to see Cnauir ap Skiotha, where is he? Dead or not? view post


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