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Celmomian Prophesy, Seswatha Dreams, and the "Present" posted 30 April 2009 in The Judging EyeCelmomian Prophesy, Seswatha Dreams, and the "Present" by nonman_erratic, Commoner

The Anasurimbor "founder" of the line that was continued in Ishual was Anasurimbor Ganrelka II - He was rescued from battle by knights of Tryse and taken to the refuge of Ishual with his family, which included his bastard son.

Ganrelka II was a son of Celmomas II, best and most hated friend of Seswatha.

So, the bastard Anasurimbor would have been grandson to Celmomas, and would technically have NO blood relation to Anasurimbor Nau-Cayuti, if Cayu was in fact Seswatha's son. view post


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