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Celmomian Prophesy, Seswatha Dreams, and the "Present" posted 29 April 2009 in The Judging EyeCelmomian Prophesy, Seswatha Dreams, and the "Present" by BobbyR, Commoner

I'm near the end of a second reading of the Judging Eye, and as usually the case, new things stand out to me.

With this in particular: Akka is dreaming about mundane details of Seswatha's life, and the focus on the book has been those dreams which offer clues to Ishual. Eventually the "coincidence" (or is it a "Correspondence of Cause"?...) arises where he dreams a lot of the fall of Sauglish, which he ultimately learns is the location of the golden scroll-case (which presumably has a map to Ishual). Sauglish happens to be the phony objective he gave to the Skin Eaters, long before he decided he even wanted to go there.

I know there has been some discussion of whether the other Mandate Schoolmen are also dreaming the mundane details of Seswatha's life, BUT Sorweel's tutor mentions near the end of the book that he HAS been dreaming of the fall of Sauglish a lot lately. That can't be a coincidence!

The dreams clue that Seswatha might be the only one to know of Ishual, and given he's the one that hears the Celmomian Prophesy, he must have realized that Ishual is the only place from which an Anasurimbor could possibly return. Also there is heavy insinuation that Nau-Cayutas is in truth Seswatha's son, but I don't remember the relation between Celmomas/Nau-Cayutas and the Anasurimbor (I forget the name) that succeeded Celmomas and died at Ishual. In several ways, therefore, Seswatha is very close to the Anasurimbor family and long vested in "watching" (from the Outside?) the succession of Anasurimbors as Dunyain at Ishual. Are the Dreams his way of informing the Mandate/Akka? If so, what would be the message and motive? Also, if this were true, why start now, and not long before the First Holy War? I think the timing of the Great Ordeal's (and Kellhus) location on the map, and Akka's eventual arrival at Ishual is going to be very important. view post


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