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I don't understand how the word 'will' is being used posted 29 April 2009 in NeuropathI don't understand how the word 'will' is being used by Nauticus, Auditor

Quote: "Thorsten":4nt3gwfq
Finally I found out who this Richard Dawkins actually is (admittedly, I didn't really try) and where Tilberian's arguments come from. So, I got myself Dawkins' book 'The God Delusion' and went over Dawkins' arguments in some detail. To cut a long story short, I agree with Dawkins on all trivial counts, but I disagree with him on all the non-trivial things. He starts with the assumption that what he does works in establishing truth, then applies vastly different standards in judging evidence which confirms what he thinks is true as compared to evidence that contradicts what he thinks is true, and as a result he gets out what he puts in. So, I am not really impressed.

If anyone should be interested in the long story, I have written up most ideas in an essay [url=]here[/url:4nt3gwfq]. This is a tour through the roots of rationality, Goedel's incompleteness theorem, quantum physics, the consistency principle in the conscious mind, Zen Buddhism, evolution as played out at the quantum scale, non-rational paradigms for decisionmaking and game theory and a few more things, so I am afraid it is not quite easy reading. But then, Mr. Bakker's novels are not really that easy either...[/quote:4nt3gwfq]
Whether or not you agree with Richard Dawkins is pretty irrelevant to this discussion, because his arguments are just as valid as are yours. In fact, I would suggest his arguments are more valid, because he actually has a large collection of work to his name.

You've read one book, and you think you have an argument against his. Please read more, and you'll understand his "full version" better. The God Delusion simply covers his anti-theism, and you miss out on all of his science. view post


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