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Chorae (SPOILERS!!!!) posted 21 April 2009 in The Judging EyeChorae (SPOILERS!!!!) by Landrew, Candidate

i don't think anything Kellus says along those lines should be accepted as accurate because it comes from him. In fact, the reverse. Kellus doesn't 'communicate' for its own sake. He doesn't reveal the truth in order to educate. He doesn't say fancy or profound things to show off. He speaks to enslave every time. each word is an arrow shot from a well-aimed bow. He could probably care less about the truth or falsity of matters such as those.

there may be truth or an element of truth at least where he is speaking to a person's internal situation (in the sense of reading them) but apart from that, my rule of thumb is to trust nothing the s.o.b. says ever. view post


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