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Swayal Sisterhood posted 05 April 2009 in The Judging EyeSwayal Sisterhood by Truth Shines, Candidate

Quote: "anor277":3cvn9trk
Are we sure that the Swayal Compact is Anagogic? The only glimpse we had of a Swayal witch (apart from Serwa) was the spy who had infiltrated Yatwer's matriarchs (p 114 TJE Orbit TPB, and she did not summon analogies, she was swiftly turned off by a chorae in fact).[/quote:3cvn9trk]
Actually one of priestesses charged her with a knife first, and was thrown back by "ghostly cyclopean walls" (or something like that, I don't remember the exact wording). That's where I got they use Anagogic sorcery.
It has already been mentioned in the novels that the Mandate were obliged to share their knowledge in the event of a 2nd apocalypse.

You are right! Now I remember reading something like that somewhere in PoN. If the No-God should come again, the Mandate is supposed to share. Now they have no excuses except they are a bunch of old sexist pigs.
And just regarding sorcerors' sexuality, we already know that there were a lot of wicked old buggers in all the schools.

Hehe. So it's not just convenient but also fashionable! All the more reason for Serwa to get her gorgeous groove on. <!-- s:wink: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_wink.gif" alt=":wink:" title="Wink" /><!-- s:wink: --> view post


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