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The Doomed Ordeal? posted 04 April 2009 in The Judging EyeThe Doomed Ordeal? by Truth Shines, Candidate

Quote: "BobbyR":2bcxl5sc
As soon as I heard that the next trilogy was coming, I wondered if Kellhus was planning a pit-stop at Ishual. Imagine the Dunyain's reaction when he appears in the middle of everything (using the Gnosis) and starts shooting lightning at everybody. Why would he do that? If the Three Seas caught on (because of Akka) that there is a whole fortress filled with a bunch of Kellhuses, that would really mess up the whole swanky "Aspect Emperor is God" setup he has going.

Alternatively, maybe he could recruit some more bad-ass Dunyain to the Ordeal. [/quote:2bcxl5sc]

I don't know if he wants to stop there, but I'm pretty sure he wants Akka to go there. I'm convinced that the "Traveller" at the beginning of TJE is an agent of Kellhus. He must have talked the Skin Eaters (or least Kosoter) into allowing themselves to be hired by Akka. Also Kellhus must have forseen the action of Mimara which will spur on Akka. Of course I still have no idea why. view post


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