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Chorae (SPOILERS!!!!) posted 03 April 2009 in The Judging EyeChorae (SPOILERS!!!!) by Truth Shines, Candidate

Quote: "Athjeari":2yppbpks
Hmm...I did not interpret Kellhus' conversation with Akka in the same way.
It has been awhile since I've read TTT, but I looked at it as the human soul in everyone as representations of the Outside manifested in the world. That each person's soul is linked to the outside and this links everyone to one another (because we are all linked to the outside)[/quote:2yppbpks]

Hehe I think that's the genius of Bakker -- he just keeps thing deliberately vague. I think what you describe there is in fact from Cnaiur. IIRC, this is when our favorite Utemot chieftain is riding with the skinspies in TTT and doing some philosophical musing. He is recalling one of those fireside chats back in the days TWP when Akka gave an interpretation (somehow involving a piece of parchment, I think) that just as the holes in a parchment allows light from the other side to leak through, so human souls are points of contact from the Outside. But remember this is during the TWP, long before Kellhus starts learning the Gnosis from Akka.

Comparing this hypothesis and the conduct of the Dunyain, Cnaiur concludes that they represent two opposite models of the world -- one open world where there could be contact with the Outside (in the form of madness or prophecy), the other closed where the actions and beliefs of one become the roots of others.

Curiously, the interpretation of the Outside given by Kellhus to Akka later in fact conforms to this "closed" model where in fact there is no real "Outside," where we are in fact the Gods we worship.

I did not take it that there was an Oversoul (which would suggest that each person is one and the same, yes?)

That actually seems to be precisely what Kellhus means. The actual passage is fact quite brilliant, so it's worthwhile to quote at length:

(Kellhus) "Indeed. Your body is your surface, nothing more, the point where your soul breaches this world. Even now, as we look upon each other from across this span, from two different places, we also stand in the same place, the same nowhere. I watch myself through your eyes, and you watch yourself through mine -- though you know it not."

Somehow, at some point, insight had become a species of horror. He fairly stammered. "W-we're the same person?" Kellhus was speaking this madness... Kellhus!

"Person? It would be more precise to say we're the same here... But in a manner, yes. Just as there's but one Here, there's but one Soul, Akka, breaching the world in many different places. And almost always failing to apprehend itself as itself."

Nilnameshi foolishness! It had to be...

"This is just metaphysics," he said, the very instant Kellhus whispered, "This is just metaphysics..."

Achamian gaped at the man, utterly dumbstruck. His heart hammered, as though struggling to recover its rhythm through violence of action. For a moment he tried telling himself that Kellhus alone had spoken, but the taste of the words was too fresh on his tongue. The silence whined with a strange horror, a sense of dislocation unlike any he had ever experienced, a sense of things once sacred and intact now broken... Just who had spoken?

The world reeled through refracted sunlight.

He is me... How else could he know what he knows?

&quot;The silence whined with a strange horror&quot; -- <!-- s:D --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" /><!-- s:D --> Classic Bakker awesomeness! view post


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