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*Spoilers* Traveller's identity posted 01 April 2009 in The Judging Eye*Spoilers* Traveller's identity by anor277, Didact

Quote: "kidten":n7wcasd4
If Kellhus sleeps then he too has Seswatha's dreams. Most likely the same dreams Achamian is having. He would know Achamian's obsession and use it to his advantage. Maybe Kellhus sent an agent, a caste-noble from Nilnamesh named Somandutta, to use Achamian in helping him find The Heron Spear(?). The weapon that initially took out the No-God in the First Apocalypse. Or maybe that's what Mimara is for. It could be hidden in the coffers along with the map to Ishual. This way Kellhus can focus on The Great Ordeal.[/quote:n7wcasd4]I grant that there may be agents of Kellhus or the Consult in Achamian's party, but as far as we know, Kellhus is not an initiate of the Mandate. He practises the Gnosis, and probably has the Mandate quorum wound round his little finger, and he has also probably learnt all the Mandate arcana (and of course expanded it); but as the apparent fulfillment of Celmomas' prophecy he has not undergone Mandate initiation the way that Achamian or Eskeles or Inrau or whomever has. His sleep, therefore, would remain free of dreams.

I also think that the point of Achamian's new series of dreams were to show that he was transcending Seswatha's vision (witness his (A's) shock when he viewed the destruction of Sauglish in the absence of Seswatha). Mimara (?) I think shrewdly described Achamian as a prophet of the past. Achamian's jealous obsession has now steered his vision to that part of history that can explain Kellhus' origin. His vision of the past is now greater than Seswatha's experience, and consequently greater than any of his ex-Mandate colleagues. How to explain this, I don't know.

As regards the Heron Spear, one of the glossaries in TTT related that it was taken by the Scylvendi in the sack of Cenei in near antiquity. It is probably irretrievably lost. Besides that the Heron Spear is a technological device. How long could it function without maitenance or repair? A year, maybe; 1000 years, almost certainly not. view post


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