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Chorae (SPOILERS!!!!) posted 31 March 2009 in The Judging EyeChorae (SPOILERS!!!!) by Truth Shines, Candidate

Quote: "Landrew":2yz5hsn2
Moreover, as noted previously, we don't know the origin of sorcery. What activates it? what makes it effective? who is the sorcerer speaking to when he calls power into focus? Is he speaking to God? a small g god? the devil? demons from another realm/dimension?[/quote:2yz5hsn2]

Actually Kellhus gave a very cogent explanation of sorcery in TTT to Akka. Put simply, there is an Oversoul that encompasses and connects all sentient beings, that the Outside is really the Inside of us all, and a sorcerer is someone who taps into that power of the Oversoul. Of course cogency itself is no guarantee of validity. Yet let us ponder this: this is from Kellhus, who is likely the smartest guy in the world (with the possible exception of other Dunyains), who has no reason to lie to Akka, who most of the time likes to use truth to impress and control others. All in all, one can say this is indeed the considered opinion of the most intelligent mind in the world.

As with so many things in the world of Earwa, of course there are plenty of contradictions. The most glaring, of course, is the Ciphrang. How is the Oversoul theory to account for this? In TJE, Akka explains Topos as thus: "where the world slumbers or goes mad." Can we substitute "the world" with "the Oversoul?" Is the Ciphrang then the Oversoul's nightmare?

And then what of the Chorae? If Kellhus's Oversoul theory is correct, then Choraes are no Tears of God. They are the Tears of the Damned. How is the power of sorcery/Oversoul disabled? By somehow severing oneself from that overarching fabric (Onta, anyone?) that connects all. No wonder they are referred to as "nothingness" and "emptiness" -- they are not just holes in the Onta, they are holes in the Oversoul. Through these holes fall the souls of the damned.

How many kindly old sorcerers have we seen? How many would you like to see as your father/grandfather? Haven't the vast majority been despicable? Maybe we are deceived about the nature and inherent morality about sorcery because we don't want it to be true that sorcerers are necessarily damned because we like Akka?

Actually we have seen quite a few sorcerers. And based on what I can see they are no better or worse than your average man in power. I can't think of anything bad about any of them that can't be said of other kings or princes. view post


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