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Spoiler: Kelmonas' Voice posted 31 March 2009 in The Judging EyeSpoiler: Kelmonas' Voice by kidten, Candidate

I'm going with the theory that the voice is the soul of Samarmas. I think all of the deformed babies were actually twins melded together. After all, isn't that what the Dunyain do in a way? Become one with the Universe. They did stare at each other for many years. Maybe the Strength of the Dunyain allows them to physically get inside the head of another. It could also be the crazy brother Inrilatas but I'm going with the twin. Maybe it's another Dunyain altogether sent from Ishual to have Kellhus killed. But I'm going with the Samarmas. Did I say that yet already?

Crazy idea that the voice could be born of a plan constructed by the Consult. I always wondered what the effects of the black sperm ejaculated into Esmenet by Aurang could be. But how would the Consult have known that a common whore would birth the children of an Emperor? As for the skin spy theory, no way. Maithanet would have spotted him a mile away. Kelmomas is afraid of Maithanet and his father because he doesn't want to get caught for the murders. "Anasurimbor Maithanet replied with uncharacteristic reluctance. ""I find this turn...incalcuble."" He doesn't know what to make of it.

Whatever or whoever that voice is I think we can all agree that it's making one vicious little boy out of Kelmomas. view post


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