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*Spoilers* Traveller's identity posted 22 March 2009 in The Judging Eye*Spoilers* Traveller's identity by Landrew, Candidate

Srancchieftain said...

We have know reason to believe that Kellhus hasnt gone rogue. Kellhus killed Meonghis because he feared that The dunyain in Meonghis would lead him to side with the consult. The outside is a variable that the dunyain cant control, they would want to close it off, this is the consults mission. Kellhus doesnt want the dunyain to know about the consult cause he fears that they will side with the consult. Kellhus is on his own he is no longer working for the dunyain, hes working for himself, he took it upon himself to save the world.

Except that Kellus only came to that conclusion about Moenghus after grasping the thousandfold thought which Kellus took a very long time to discover (and needed all kinds of real world experiences). Likewise, it took Moenghus years to formulate the TTT. God-like as they are, the Dunyain would not immediately reach the conclusion Kellus claimed to fear Moenghus had reached.

And furthermore with respect to 'who sent traveller' the most important question is this: in 20 years time, knowing that Akka knew the truth about him, why did Kellus allow Akka to live? Akka represented a direct and significant threat to Kellus' claims - indeed, he was a disseminator of heretical writings. If Mimmara found Akka quickly, clearly Kellus could have found him that much faster. IMO, Kellus knew exactly where Akka was and Kellus let Akka live because of his value as an instrument. Either that, or the gods hid Akka from Kellus.

The fact Akka is alive strongly suggests to me that Kellus is still using him. view post


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