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Small things in TJE that you liked posted 22 March 2009 in The Judging EyeSmall things in TJE that you liked by nonman_erratic, Commoner

Just about everything to do with Cleric was my favorite...

I really liked his sermon on the descent into darkness, and the holiness of such a trek... The blinding light, and the true God being all things beyond mortal comprehension - the very edges of which only being attainable in darkness. It blew my f#@king mind...

The fact that Cleric is Canadian.... "Where does all the judgement go, Eh, Wizard?"

Gin'yursis's bit, "I am lost... All the doors are different... And the thresholds... Are Holy... No more... more... more..."

That, and the bit in the bar in Marrow, when Cleric goes, "I remember the slaughter of.... of children." With an inwardly laughing sob... And Kosoter's response, "A man... has got to remember."

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