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Spoiler: Kelmonas' Voice posted 17 March 2009 in The Judging EyeSpoiler: Kelmonas' Voice by Callan S., Auditor

Quote: "Curethan":1qzjnexp
Erm, the way compulsions work wouldn't result in a voice like that imo. I think 'the voice' is simply a more forceful version of the secondary mental voice we all share[/quote:1qzjnexp]
I think so too. A dunyain intellect in a half world born body is like looking at a v8 engine running in a tiny car.

It's funny though - the flashbacks to the dunyain base (Ishmael? I can never remember the names). The flashback had the children there laughing as they tried to hit an instructor with their sticks. They seemed relatively functional in terms of being children, and before the final brainwash Kelhus seemed to be a boy with girl bits on his mind, as you might expect. Still quite human. On the other hand it horribly occured to me that the dunyain might put down dozens of babies before they get a proper one, so it might not be the case that Dunyain have normal children. Maithanet might have been the normal one to be spared after many prior 'failed' babies.

But out and out I suspect that the gods of fertility have simply cursed Kelhus to this 'fertility'. Especially since the white luck warrior seems to be connected with sex magic.

That's another odd thing about the book, the magic level is really ramped up. I had assumed from the first three that this was always going to be a godless set of books, with schoolmen being the only supernatural element. It really seemed like it was about men dealing with things in a godless universe, but that's changed. view post


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