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Dunyain machinations posted 05 March 2009 in The Judging EyeDunyain machinations by Will, Peralogue

I think the reference to a female Dunyain was referring to Serwa, myself. She's not a true Dunyain, but Kellhus's children seem pretty similar.

Also, I think the greater danger to Ishual comes from Kellhus himself. I could totally see Akka getting there to find it a smoking ruin, carved apart by Gnosis weilding Kellhus. Sure, it's built on anagogic ground, but if Kellhus translated nearby he could probably draw the sorcery-ignorant Dunyain into a trap of some sort.

I remain unconvinced that the Consult could actually take the place, even if they could find it. I imagine that the cooperation between Dunyain must increase their combat effectiveness effectively. I think they could, in shifts, kill Sranc forever.

Further, the notion of a Dunyain slave strikes me as unlikely. I think if the Consult took any such they'd be themselves enslaved Dunyain style, quickly enough. Then again, the foursome at the top of the Consult might be too alien to be easily apprehended. We don't know enough. view post


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