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Dunyain machinations posted 04 March 2009 in The Judging EyeDunyain machinations by Mithfânion, Didact


It's entirely conceivable that the Dunyain play no further part in the novels

I don't think that's likely at all, given the current plotlines. Before we might just have speculated that Aspect Emperor and the books afterward would perhaps reveal to us in full, the Dunyain. Now that we have seen TJE, we know that we will most likley meet them.


Who is making the decisions for the Dunyain (or who is in control, leading, or dominating them)? How is having Kellhus running around in Earwa any less dangerous to their seclusion than it was when Moenghus was alive?

You seem to forget that the Dunyain did not send Kellhus out of their own volition. Moenghus plagued them with his dreams. This led the Dunyain, who as you may recall are unfamiliar with sorcery, to kill themselves and send out his son, Kellhus, so that Moenghus would stop harrassing them. This does not imply a master plan on their part. Their hand was forced. view post


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