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Spoiler: Kelmonas' Voice posted 03 March 2009 in The Judging EyeSpoiler: Kelmonas' Voice by Athjeari, Peralogue

I am inclined to believe that Kel's voice is either the intellect that was suppose to be within his brother, or that it is a mental disorder.
I say it could be his brother because of the three year staring contest, and the impact of breaking it might have had something to do with Samarmas being handicap. Also, the reference of "What took you so long to kill me." when just about every other thing that the voice says deals only with Kel. Now with Samarmas killed, I think you could argue that the twins have become "whole".

I also make the argument for the sociopath, crazy kid. The voice could be totally in his head, and telling him, "The Andiamene Heights have sinned, it's time to cleanse the empire Kel."

And the fact that he hears the voice say "What took you so long to kill me," makes a compelling argument for insanity as well because, as I stated above, it is the only time the voice is not referring to something with Kel (at least that I remember), so the voice could be telling Kel what Kel what's to hear.

The fact that Kellhus and Esmi's first child is the only one that appears to be "normal" also says something too. Kel is not a healthy person, half-dunyain, or whatever you want to call him. All the other children have had some sort of debilitating defect, accept their first son. Why would Kel be any different?
Speaking of the children what are people's thoughts on the boy (I forgot his name) that is locked in the room? What made him become the person he is today? Could it be argued that he "saw the face of God, and now knows madness?" It seems odd that he was at one time "normal" by Kellhus' childrens status, and then became the person he his in TJE. view post


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