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*Spoilers* Traveller's identity posted 03 March 2009 in The Judging Eye*Spoilers* Traveller's identity by srancchieftan, Candidate

landrew wrote
"(the Consult would be aware of Akka's role/fight with Kellus but wouldn't be able to predict his later behaviour as Kellus can)."

Not necessarily. When Cnaiur told Akka about the dunyain, the skin spies were with him. We know that the consult knows that Akka knows about the dunyain, therefore the consult knows that Akka is likely to set out and look for the dunyain, they can predict his behaviour based on what they know. They could have watched him for twenty years until he finally decided to go look.

"in my opinion, Kellus is counting on the Dunyain's reaction - far be it from me to predict, but could you imagine the effect of a strike force of Dunyain (thousands) suddenly appearing virtually out of nowhere and from a totally different direction just as the great ordeal joins battle with Golgotterath? maybe the ordeal itself is part diversion "

We have know reason to believe that Kellhus hasnt gone rogue. Kellhus killed Meonghis because he feared that The dunyain in Meonghis would lead him to side with the consult. The outside is a variable that the dunyain cant control, they would want to close it off, this is the consults mission. Kellhus doesnt want the dunyain to know about the consult cause he fears that they will side with the consult. Kellhus is on his own he is no longer working for the dunyain, hes working for himself, he took it upon himself to save the world. view post


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