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Dunyain machinations posted 03 March 2009 in The Judging EyeDunyain machinations by anor277, Didact

It's hard to predict of course. It's entirely conceivable that the Dunyain play no further part in the novels. As you say, the Dunyain no doubt considered the risk inherent in despatching Kellhus to the outside world. But Kellhus mission as an assassin was a sort of zero-sum game as regards the Dunyain. That is Moenghus had threatened Ishual's isolation (by sending the dreams that affected more than one Dunyain); Moenghus "demanded" that the Dunyain send his son. The Dunyain (apparently anxious to preserve their isolation) did indeed comply and sent Moenghus his son, but Kellhus was apparently sent as an assassin. Problem solved for the Dunyain? Perhaps, of course the Dunyain subsequently turned off all of the other individuals within Ishual capable of receiving Moenghus' dreams (i.e. all of them potential sorcerors). This may leave them uniquely vulnerable to the Consult or Kellhus or even dotardly Achamian, should any of these parties reach Ishual.

There are plots within plots within plots here, and I certainly can't untangle them. I do think, however, that the one over-riding concern of the Dunyain is to preserve their isolation and to keep the outside world at a far remove. On the other hand, maybe Kellhus himself wants to keep away from Ishual (and from nearby Atrithau) in order to keep the story he told about himself straight. view post


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