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Dunyain machinations posted 03 March 2009 in The Judging EyeDunyain machinations by srancchieftan, Candidate

I think that presently the dunyain have no knowldge of the consult, and the outside world. I dont think that they have sent any dunyain out into the world besides Kellhus. I think that they dont care about whats going on out there and only wish to remain hidden. This hypothesis could change in the future, I only believe it because throughout the four novels we havent seen any other dunyain and we have seen no indications that the Dunyain are involved in outside events. Remember that Meonghis was the first dunyain to learn about the apocolypse and the consult, the dunyain didnt know about any of this. We have know reason to beleive that Meonghis or Kellhus have told the dunyain about the consult. We definitelt know that Kellhus fears that the dunyain would side with the consult if they knew about their mission, after all thats why he killed Meonghis. So we know that Kellhus hasnt told the Dunyain about the consult. It seems pretty clear to me that Kellhus has gone rogue and is no longer working with the dunyain.

It is possible that I am wrong and so am not going to rule it out that the dunyain are out there, I just havent seen anything to make me believe otherwise, so far. view post


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