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Dunyain machinations posted 03 March 2009 in The Judging EyeDunyain machinations by Athjeari, Peralogue

Okay, so I am beginning to wonder if the Dunyain might have a hand in the greater events of Earwa.
Everything is conditioned is it not? Sending out Kellhus to kill Moenghus would clearly have implications that I am sure the Dunyain had to have thought about.
Why send out Kellhus to kill Moenghus, in a sense they were just replacing the threat with another threat, no? I think the Pragma's and the Dunyain are exerting influence from behind their walls of Ishual. What do you guys think?
By sending Kellhus into the world, the Dunyain had to know that Kellhus would make an impact on the world. I don't think that Kellhus will be able to bring down the Consult and the Inchoroi without more help, and I think the Dunyain will have a larger part in the later books.

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