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Is Kellus insane or not posted 02 March 2009 in The Judging EyeIs Kellus insane or not by Will, Peralogue

I think the point that Kellhus made to Moenghus at the end of TTT was that eventually logic and reason would see anyone switch sides and work with the Consult. Thus, no Dunyain can be trusted (by foes of the Consult) as ultimately reason will cause them to betray.

I think the question of Kellhus's sanity or lack thereof, however, is merely one piece of a larger question. To wit, what does Kellhus strive towards, ultimately? I take it as read that he's sane in the sense that he takes pragmatic steps to accomplish his ends. What those ends are, however, will ultimately determine whether we regard him as sane or insane. view post


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