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Is Kellus insane or not posted 02 March 2009 in The Judging EyeIs Kellus insane or not by Cripdamind, Candidate

i'm pretty sure that moenghus was right in concluding that kellhus is a nutter. the narration of the entire series is colored by the subjective opinions and judgments of the characters. which to me, means that you can't take anything the characters believe as 100% fact. but the 'what has come before' section of each book seems to be the thing we can use to gauge the 'authenticity' of each narrations beliefs. and TJE's what has come before section clearly states that kellhus has gone mad. however, if these parts of the books are equally subjective in their analysis as the rest of the narration, then i'd recant my statement and probably agree with curethan that kellhus is crazy because he simply possesses goals that don't revolve around becoming the prime mover or whatever it was the dunyain sought sequestering themselves in ishual. which i would find as odd, because moenghus truly seemed to possess the same goal as kellhus currently does--saving the people of earwa from the machinations of the consult. view post


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