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*Spoilers* Traveller's identity posted 02 March 2009 in The Judging Eye*Spoilers* Traveller's identity by anor277, Didact

@Razorsmile; Cleric as Judge Holden? But can the Non-man dance? The novel by McCarthy was truly as grim and as absorbing as any fantasy novel, including the one I should be discussing.

I anticipated that the Scarlet Spires would be relegated to the position of a minor school in the Empire. The Cishaurim had wiped out all their effectives at Shimeh (save Iyokus) and it was reasonable to assume the School was broken; not so, evidently they left an organisation behind that managed to rebuild. No doubt after 20 years there were just too many details to cover in a 500 page novel, i.e. the conquest of the Three Seas, Kellhus heirs, the new religion with Kellhus as its god, the Ordeal itself. One thing I would like to see mentioned soon is the present size of the Mandate; it was 50-60 sorcerors of rank pre-Kellhus according to the glossary; now as the preeminent school and divinely-favoured school it might recruit more widely.

Like you I also suspect one of the Skin Eaters to be a Skin-spy: Soma, the one who courted Mimara is a prime suspect view post


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