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Kellhus vs Whiteluck -<SPOILERS>- posted 02 March 2009 in The Judging EyeKellhus vs Whiteluck -<SPOILERS>- by Athjeari, Peralogue

I don't think that Curethan has crossed a line; he has simply made his point. I happen to agree with him. Kellhus is certainly capable of crossing into the Outside, and the book mentions that the heads tied to his belt are in fact demons, aka Ciphrang. Sorweel calls Kellhus a Ciphrang....a demon....or vice versa, a demon.....Ciphrang.

Why is it so unbelievable to some that Kellhus has two demon heads? Where would his body go when he teleports if not the outside? We know from TTT that Ciphrang reside within the Outside.

As for the White Luck.... maybe I read this part wrong but isn't Psatma the White-Luck? During the "baptism" doesn't she regenerate and become young and beautiful once again? I thought her old age and wrinkles were passed on to the man she was riding and Psatma took the "White-Luck" into her body? Was I drunk or something when reading this, if this is totally foreign to you all let me know and I'll reread the part. view post


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