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Small things in TJE that you liked posted 27 February 2009 in The Judging EyeSmall things in TJE that you liked by srancchieftan, Candidate

I liked seeing the Nonmen and the Sranc more dominant in the story. In the first trilogy we only got one glimpse of Mekeretrig and the Sranc in the prologue, and one glimpse in TWP. They fascinate me. The Nonmen who have gone erratic as a result of their unnatural immortality. The Sranc who are driven solely by their sexual desires.

I liked Seswatha's dreams very much. Its awesome how the history is not just a setting but is played out in actual events. Before TJE I wasnt sure if Seswatha"s sole was changing the dreams, now I know that hes actually reaching out to Akka.

I liked to see what a Dunyain child is like. I also liked seeing more of Maithanet. It would have been nice to see more of Meongis junior, im curious to see how a child with scylvendi and Noisari blood raised by Dunyains will be like.

I also liked seeing more of Northeren Earwa. view post


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