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Small things in TJE that you liked posted 26 February 2009 in The Judging EyeSmall things in TJE that you liked by Mithfânion, Didact

I thought TJE was a great book, the only downside of which was IMO that the plot progression in some areas was well below what I had expected for this 1st book and that the book is the shortest Bakker has written sofar, and that somne characters were expected to get a lot more screentime. On the other hand he did mention books 2 and 3 would each be longer than the one before in an interview with Pat.

One of the things that I noticed in this book were little things that I enjoyed. Stuff that I hadn't thought about before.

I'll name a few:

* Maithanet. Somehow he seemed a much more sympathetic and honest character to me this time through. The descriptions of him continue to be of one very powerful individual, strong in physique, youthful and with an overwhelming voice. Bit of a shame we saw little of him as the story went on but anyway, I was really interested in him in this book. He seems to become a sort of hero to Esmenet, and she will need him if the Yatwer Cult becomes stronger, plus he is the one who suspects Kelmomas' true nature.

* I believe it was in an interview where Bakker described what a world in which values are objective would be like, and what if the world actually conformed to beliefs and events. In this regard, we see in the PoN trilogy how the the Earth at the Mengedda plains literally throws up the bones of the slaughtered there because the massacre was too great to contain. I thought we saw another example of this in PoN, twice in fact. One is when Kellhus has translocated to Momemn and we are told that in his anger the surroundings seemed to literally darken and become shadowy. Now, this may just have been a trick of magic on Kellhus part, but maybe not. But the second example is at the start of the book when there is a description of the Sun literally accompanying Kellhus and the Great Ordeal. There is talk about how the North is so bleak and cold, and that the Sun is literally folowing Kellhus' path wherever he went. I thought that was a nice touch.

* I loved the little statements Incariol made before the statue of Cujara Cinmoi. First he refers to Cujara as the one whose hand "hath slain thousands" and then he says" he whose voice hath cracked mountains!". I thought that was just this very cool image, the immense majesty of the greatest Nonman ever, speaking words of sorcery and in doing so literally cracking mountains. Awesome.

Anyone else have little stuff that you remarked upon which you enjoyed? view post


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