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*Spoilers* Traveller's identity posted 26 February 2009 in The Judging Eye*Spoilers* Traveller's identity by srancchieftan, Candidate

What about the sound of Mekeretrig's voice. Wouldnt hearing the voice up close ring a bell to Akka. Whether they look the same or not I dont think that Akka could be around Mekeretrig so much and not recognise some traits, however I wont completely rule it out though. I dont know who he is but i just dont have enough to suspect that he's Mekeretrig.

Scott may have left us enough to find his identity. Im going to hit up the glossary of TTT for nonmen history, and reread the passages in TGO that heve Cleric and the Nonman ghost interacting, and see if I can come up with a hypothesis. Speculation is very fun for me. view post


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