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*Spoilers* Traveller's identity posted 25 February 2009 in The Judging Eye*Spoilers* Traveller's identity by srancchieftan, Candidate

Esmi difinitely knows were Akka is. Theres that part were shes thinking about Mimara, and she subvocalises "Akka keep her safe". So we know that Kellhus knows were Akka is. If Kellhus saw Akka as a threat, and didnt want him to find Ishual, than he would have just killed Akka, not sent someone to follow him. This leaves two possibilities.

The traveller is from the consult. Remember that the consult considers the Dunyain, not just Kellhus as their biggest threat. They have no idea were the dunyain reside, they know that Cnauir told Akka about the Dunyain, and that Akka hates Kellhus. Akka is the only person alive besides Esmenet that knows about the dunyain, this makes him the most likely and only person that has motivation, and the means to find Ishual. Thier only hope is to follow Akka. This seems like the most likely scenario, the consult is the most likely to follow Akka. Consider this, if Kellhus wanted to spy on Akka, than he wouldnt send Mimara, why? Because this blows his cover. Akka imediately knew that Kellhus sent Mimara.

Kellhus sent the traveller, maybe he predicted that Akka would go north to find Ishual, and he wants to keep tabs on Akka, or protect him, because he is an asset in the war against the consult. Maybe Kellhus knows that the consult will follow Akka so he sends someone, possibly Lord Kosoter or Mimara, so that he can keep tabs on the consult. Maybe Kellhus wants Akka to find the Ishual and expose the dunyain, maybe this would force them out of hiding and then they would help Kellhus, or Kellhus considers the Dunyain his enemy and fears that they will side with the consult. Remember what happened to Meangis, when he became tainted by the world, and became a variable, a threat to the Dunyain they sent Kellhus to kill him. Maybe Kellhus fears that the Dunyain will try to take him out.

Given Kellhus's intellect and the consults motivations I think that its quite likely that both Kellhus and the consult have spies that are with Akka.

As for Clerics identity, I know that hes definitely got a hidden agenda because we know that hes lying about his name. Akka said that he never heard of Incariol and that thats not possible. I dont think hes Mekeritrig, remember Mekeritrigs manurisms and his demeanor. Arrogant, proud, and beligerent. This is completely different from Incariol's demanor, wich is more humble, but he could just be faking it. More importantly though is what Cynical Cat pointed out, Akka has dreamed Mekeretrig and would recognise him. view post


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