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Kellhus vs Whiteluck -<SPOILERS>- posted 22 February 2009 in The Judging EyeKellhus vs Whiteluck -<SPOILERS>- by Mithfânion, Didact

I read this and thought it was apparent that Sorweel is the White Luck Warrior. There has to be a reason for why is portrayed as an important character, as a POV. Moreso, he is with the Great Ordeal and thus actually in the position of becoming the White Luck Warrior in book 2 and confronting the Anasurimbor. Also, he is still doubtful of Kellhus even when others have long since fallen under his sway. Finally, he has been blessed by Yatwer herself, which seems to at least mean Kellhus canot read him ( though of course we do not know this, Kellhus might as well have pretended he could not see his true feelings, as Sorweel speculated himself). I think for story purposes though we may assume that Yatwer's blessing did really disguise his true emotion from Kellhus. However that is but a small step towards actual opposition to Kellhus, or even the unthinkabkle, a defeat of him. It would give him an edge, certainly.

Will be interesting to see that play out in book 2. The only thing that makes me unsure it is Sorweel is what went before, the vague sections about a White Luck Warrior being born somewhere, the strange ritual with Psatma etc. I didn't get what that was all about, and Sorweel just seems like a far more plausible set-up as the White Luck. We already know him now, he has been establised as a character, and at the end we find out he is Yatwer's. view post


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