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Spoiler: Kelmonas' Voice posted 22 February 2009 in The Judging EyeSpoiler: Kelmonas' Voice by Mithfânion, Didact

I thought the Strength was a referring to the inherent power of Kellhus, Kelmomas etc. Kellhus is the root of power and Kelmomas but a branch of it. He is inherently powerful, but no one is to the extent that his father is. According to the voice.

As for who the voice is:

1) At one time when Kelmomas kills Samarmas, it asks why did you not kill me earlier. Suggestion 1 is Samarmas.

2) The second suggestion would be that it is one of the Inchoroi. The voice sounds very similar to the Synthese of the first trilogy. Somehow it manages to speak to Kellhus' son.

3) Kelmomas is a skin spy. Yes, a construct actually born of Esmenet, but still a skin spy. In corroboartion of this I made a link between Kelmomas killing Sharacinth and Maithanet consequently saying this might well have been the work of a skin spy. Maithanet never says things lightly, and usually he is correct. This is not proof of course that Kelmomas is a new sort of skin spy, but he might be.

What's also remarakble is that he is said to have very good senses. He knows more, sees more, and especially smells far better than people. I thought these sort of advanced abilities were part and parcel for Skin Spies as well. All in all it would not surprise me Kelmomas is the Consult's ace in the hole.

4) Kelmomas is something else. There is something very curious about how and Samarmas were locked in an uninterrupted 3 year battle of wills where they kept staring at each other. This was explained, but the mental bond between the two was far stronger than what you normally see with twins. Why? What's the deal there.

Clearly Kelmomas could be any number of these things, and that applies to the voice. All 4 options seem plausible. view post


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