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Consensus so far? posted 05 February 2009 in The Judging EyeConsensus so far? by Shell, Peralogue

Hi all,

I have been away for some months and probably won't read the new book for a few months (too busy), AND my sister has the old books so I can't re-read them. Amazon sent me the following review (which is why I decided to poke around in here again). Some of you are new and some may not remember me, but I am probably one of the few females in this forum and had a huge problem with the protrayal of Serwe (simply a breeding cow) and Esme to some extent (felt she gave up who she was to go with Kellhus). It did bother me a little that the women in the story were few in number (3, and that is counting the skin-spy Empress) and existed, for the most part, to either serve the sexual needs of men or to become the propagators of the next generation of protagonists. So it was with disappointment that I read this review from Publishers Weekly via Amazon:

"Twenty years after the events of 2007's The Thousandfold Thought, nations unite in a holy war to prevent the No-God's apocalyptic resurrection. Aspect-Emperor Kellhus seems a benevolent messiah, but may be only a power-hungry demagogue. Exiled wizard Drusas Achamian's quest to expose Kellhus as a fraud could be a bitter cuckold's folly or the world's best hope. The Empress Esmenet juggles belief in her husband's godhead with grief for his lack of human attachment. Her bitter, abandoned daughter Mimara—an ex-prostitute, like her mother—begs Achamian to teach her sorcery, though the Judging Eye curse sends her visions of damnation. Bakker's lush language sometimes achieves poetry, but his plotting is less original; minor and nonsexualized female characters are conspicuously absent; and new readers will struggle with the intricate politics and history. "

Hah, maybe Esme got what she deserved. view post


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