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Damnation (spoilers) posted 05 February 2009 in The Judging EyeDamnation (spoilers) by Callan S., Auditor

I'm not sure I'm really into the idea of damnation. I'll say that when Mimara looked at Akka with the judging eye and saw him withered and everything, it snapped into place that it wasn't figurative damnation, but some sort of actual state.

But as much as it snapped in, it snapped out again.

How to describe it? If it's something that can be seen, why should I call it damnation?

It was the idea of damnation before but then bang, she can see gosh its not an idea anymore, it's real, it's real and...waitaminute! So she would call it damnation - why should I?

I think Scott wanted to get at a world where the subjective idea of good and evil is actual objective truth. But I wonder if he'll be probing the idea of intellect pressed against that - something that finds no inherent truth in someone elses mere assertion? I mean, even more than he has/might have already done, hehe! view post


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